Dr. J. Raúl Reyna Raygoza

Nephrology specialist
Universidad de Guadalajara registered by Reino de España
Graduate of Hospital Civil de Guadalajara “Fray Antonio Alcalde”
Certified by “consejo Mexicano de Nefrología”-N° 1154
Valid for 5 years
C.P. 7251834 / C.E. 9689611

Completed his medical degree in Universidad de Guadalajara registered by Reino de España. Successfully achieved to enter to internal medicine specialty at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, one of the most recognized programs in the nation.

He was accepted by nephrology subspecialty in Hospital civil de Guadalajara, the only one with national level competition in the programa de posgrados de calidad (postgraduate quality students program) “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y tecnologia” during his residency he was invited to perform clinical practices in the most important nephrology program in Canada at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Active member in nephrology society

He is an active member y different nephrology society among those Sociedad internacional de nefrologia ,ISN. The ASN,SLANH, and the colegio jalisciense de nefrología.

Dr. Raul has been invited to give several conferences in Mexico and his research work of investigation has been exhibit in diverse international forums.

With special interest early and accurate detection of chronical renal conditions, -protection since young age, and giving top individual treatments to each patient.
In 2015 he was recognized and certified by “Consejo Mexicano de nefrología”